Have you ever asked yourself:

  • "Why is it so damn HARD for me to build muscle?"
  • "How can I get rid of this ANNOYING SPARE TIRE around my waist?"
  • "If I bulk, I get fat. If I cut, I look like a fucking skeleton. What do I need to do to get RIPPED??"
  • "I've been going to the gym 3-5 times per week and eating pretty healthy for years now. So why don't I even look like I lift?!"
  • "I'm ASHAMED by what I see in the mirror... How can I achieve a lean and muscular physique that I CAN FEEL PROUD OF?"

... Yes? Then you're in the RIGHT place!


Because, not too long ago, I had these same thoughts, questions and frustrations circling in my head.

I used to look like this:

Now I look like this:

A quick intro before we continue:

Hi, I'm Yunus Barisik.

You may recognize my name through my work with elite athletes.

I have coached over 500 competitive ice hockey players – including NCAA D1 champions, World champions and NHL players.

I wrote Strength Training for Ice Hockey, the most practical and research-backed book on off-ice training EVER published. 

(Yes, a real paperback... not one of those $47, 32-page e-books some "fitness blogger" clown put together in an afternoon.)

A few more facts you should know:

  • I'm a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA
  • I have written dozens of articles for some of the biggest fitness sites on the planet – including T Nation, Breaking Muscle, and Muscle & Strength
  • I have been training clients for strength and muscle gain since 2009

I'm also the man behind Ripped Athlete.

And now you're probably wondering...

"Yunus, how can you help me transform my weak, skinny-fat body into a strong & aesthetic physique?"

First of all...

I've been where you are right now...

Lost and confused about what it takes to build muscle...

Staring at your soft, skinny-fat body in the mirror...

Cursing those string bean arms that won't grow, no matter how hard you train your bis and tris...

Pinching that nasty layer of lard around your waist and lower back, wondering why you just can't get rid of it after all these months...

It's a lonely, awkward, miserable place to be. 

A place I'm NEVER going back to.

No way. Not after having tasted life on the other side!

When you take your shirt off and even that judgemental voice in your head goes: "Damn, you look FANTASTIC today..."

Friendly waiters and shop clerks asking what you did to get "a body like that" because they, too, want to find out the secrets to gaining muscle and developing a physique that gets noticed.

Spending the entire weekend in bed with a hot girl who can't keep her hands off you...

Deadlifting 3x body weight and receiving fist bumps and "That's sick, bro!" from other guys who stopped their workouts to see whether you'd make the lift.

Validation or approval from others isn't the main reason I go to the gym and keep a strict eye on my diet...

But I'd be lying if I told you it doesn't feel good. Knowing that you worked your ass off to achieve something 98% of people won't ever come close to.

Everything I talk about on this website comes from my personal experience getting jacked and helping hundreds of clients and athletes do the same over the past 10+ years.

I lay it all out for you on this website: 

My muscle building struggles throughout my teenage years and my early 20s...

The embarrassing mistakes (too many to count!) I made along the way...

The training and nutrition strategies that REALLY work for skinny-fat men... and the popular but blatantly misleading stuff that keeps you weak and soft forever.

(Hint: "Do 5x5 and drink a gallon of milk per day!" and similar nonsense pushed by mouthbreathing Redditors is some of the WORST fitness advice you could follow.)

And most importantly, you'll discover how YOU can avoid those same mistakes, sidestep common training pitfalls, and evade the pervasive misinformation peddled by the mainstream fitness industry...

So you FINALLY build the lean, muscular, athletic body you have always wanted.

Ready to change your life TODAY?

Then let's dive right in.

Yunus Barisik

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