Muscle Building Foods For Skinny Guys

"What are the best muscle building foods for skinny guys?"

Every scrawny dude struggling to gain size has asked that question more than a dozen times.

Yet, you are still here, looking for answers.

This article will give them.

Building muscle starts with the right mindset.

You have to believe reaching your bodybuilding goal is possible.

So let's talk about that first.

Can Really Skinny Guys Gain Muscle?

Can Really Skinny Guys Gain Muscle

While putting on 20+ pounds of lean mass seems out of reach now...

Especially if you have been struggling to get bigger for years...

The truth is:

Anyone can gain muscle and transform their body.

Yes, even the proverbial 98-pound weakling getting sand kicked in his face in a Charles Atlas ad.

You don't have some rare physiologic condition that stops you from adding size.

What it all comes down to?

1. How hard you train and how strong you get

2. How much and which foods you eat

That's it!

What Should Skinny Guys Eat To Gain Muscle?

What Should Skinny Guys Eat To Gain Muscle

Before I reveal the best muscle building foods for skinny guys, I have to address something obvious... but also important:

You won't build any muscle eating like a bird!

What does every skinny or skinny-fat client who comes to me complaining how he "can't gain muscle no matter what I do!" have in common?

None of them eat ENOUGH to fuel new muscle growth!

When guys track everything that goes into their mouth (which I do with every new coaching client), we find out their intake falls somewhere around 2500 calories.

Young, active men won't bulk up on so little food.

Often, you must go beyond 3500-4000 calories before the scale budges.

That means you must cram down 1000-1500+ calories more than right now... every day of the week!

I know you were hoping for some golden nugget or breakthrough scientific discovery that packs on mass in a flash you haven't heard before.

Hate to disappoint, pal... it doesn't exist!

Calories in versus calories out matters more than anything else for weight gain.

10 Best Muscle Building Foods For Skinny Guys

That settled, check out these ten calorie-dense foods that pile on the protein and calories you need to get bigger without spending a fortune on groceries

#10. Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Best Muscle Building Foods For Skinny Guys

I don't normally prescribe bread to clients. Many skinny-fat guys don't tolerate it well.

But when a rail-thin dude must bulk up fast, a few PB&J sammies per day do the trick.

#9. Olive Oil

The quickest way to get more calories in?

Take one tablespoon of olive oil (about 120 kcal) between every meal. 

#8. Nuts

Slam down a handful of cashews, almonds, or pistachios for 300 easy calories.

#7. Oats

Toss some chocolate whey protein, bananas, blueberries, and honey into a bowl of raw oats and milk for a tasty mini-meal.

#6. Protein Shake

What do you do when you're 500-800 calories off your daily target but the next bite of solid food will cause your stomach to explode?

You drink those missing calories.

Throw 1-2 scoops of whey, banana, cottage cheese, nuts, peanut butter into a blender and press "go".

Problem solved.

#5. Pasta

Even if you're not Italian, who can say no to a delicious pasta dish? 

Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top of your spaghetti Bolognese for extra calories and flavor.

#4. Chicken

Bored of eating the same old basic, skinless chicken breast every day?

Try this combo:

Hot grilled chicken, fresh out of the oven, dipped in some tomato or tahini sauce.

Instant classic!

#3. Rice

When bulking up, choose white rice.

I recommend jasmine for its taste and ease of digestion.  

Brown rice keeps you full for longer, which defeats the purpose when you're slamming down 3500+ calories per day.

#2. Ground Beef

Not as pretty or savory as a steak, but much more affordable.

Mix ground beef with rice and salsa for the perfect post-workout meal.

#1. Eggs

I've said it before and still stand by it:

Eggs are the best bodybuilding food to eat on the cheap.

And remember...

The yolk is the most nutritious part. So wolf down the whole egg!

A Simple & Effective Muscle Building Meal Plan For Skinny Guys

Let's take our top ten muscle building foods and create a simple meal plan around them – one you can follow starting today.

You'll eat three big meals with another three snacks in between.

  • Breakfast: Omelette (6 eggs), tomato, bell pepper, salsa
  • Snack #1: 100 g raw oats, milk, banana, blueberry, honey, whey
  • Lunch: 250 g chicken breast, 100 g jasmine rice, tomato sauce
  • Snack #2: 2 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches
  • Dinner: 250 ground beef, 100 g spaghetti, tomato sauce
  • Snack #3: Protein shake (banana, strawberry, peanut butter, whey), 50 g cashews
Muscle Building Meal Plan For Skinny Guys

This meal plan puts you right around 3500 calories.

There's a ton of variety (so you don't get bored)...

You avoid unhealthy, processed foods...

And all the dishes taste great.

If you need extra calories beyond the 3500, simple solutions include: 

  • Drink another shake
  • Prep another two or three sandwiches
  • Eat more nuts 
  • Slather your meals with olive oil

Follow this plan and you'll no longer fight to put pounds on your frame.

Wrapping Up

Skinny guys are always looking for shortcuts to build muscle.

Drill this into your head right now:

There are no shortcuts.

You must pound down enough calories to feed a small African village to grow!

If you can't gain weight, it means you're not eating enough.

Do you know what I tell my young coaching clients who want to bulk up fast?

"Eating is your full-time job now."

Just like a job that pays the grocery bills, eating to build muscle takes time, effort, planning, persistence... and isn't much fun.

Who cares?

Get it done!

Yunus Barisik

Yunus Barisik, CSCS, has coached 500+ competitive athletes. His client list includes NCAA D1 champions, World Champions and NHL players.A former skinny-fat kid struggling to gain strength and muscle, Yunus managed to build a respectable 3x body weight deadlift. He has also helped dozens of scrawny men add muscle, hit lifting PRs they never thought were possible, and saved them from the skinny-fat curse.


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